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InfoQ Homepage News The Role Of Leadership - Agile 2007

The Role Of Leadership - Agile 2007

Mary Poppendieck spoke with her usual energetic style yesterday at Agile 2007 on the role of leadership in software development, walking the attendees through a brief history of production management.  Mary walks through understanding the problem domain of effective leadership, and providing plenty of supporting quotes:
We get brilliant results from average people managing brilliant systems. Our competitors get average results from brilliant people working around broken systems. - Fujio Cho, Chairman Toyota Motors
Mary went on to talk about the application of lean management principles, using related case studies to demonstrate their application in the real world, including the importance of committing to plans, keeping teams fully utilized through preservation of learning and measuring the effects of change.

Mishkin Berteig blogged the presentation in detail, providing some insightful commentary. You can pick up a copy of the slides here, InfoQ will be presenting the video of the talk later this year.

Update: Mary's slides have been posted on the conference site.

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