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InfoQ Homepage News VersionOne release Agile Enterprise 7.2

VersionOne release Agile Enterprise 7.2

Version One, known for their agile focused project management toolset have released a new version of their flagship Agile PM product, with some new features that move the tool from the project planning and managing phase into the enterprise planning space. New features include:

  • Management of cross project teams - Enabling the PM to manage teams across several projects, the tool enables the developer/user to see tasks by project as well as aross all projects.
  • Management of Epic Trees - Allowing the user to breakdown epic features into much smaller, manageable chunks and have them represented as a tree.
  • Goal Planning - (see a demonstration).
Goal Planning helps align project work with the organization's strategic objectives. Define goals at an organizational or project level and specify which projects or releases will target each goal. Associate specific features or entire themes/feature groups with one or more goals to help prioritize features during planning. View progress being made against goals within a single project or for a goal that spans multiple projects.

Pricing for the software comes at $30 per user/month, or $500/user per year and includes the templates for XP, DSDM, AgileUP, Hybrid or Scrum Software Methodology.

These new features mark the maturation of Agile moving 'up' the business cycle into strategic planning, and support the growing evidence that Agile is indeed becoming the standard delivery methodology at all levels of the organisation.

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