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Agile Bibliography Wiki

George Dinwiddie announces the Agile Bibliography Wiki:

Do you have a hard time keeping track of those articles that you read and think "I could have used this when I was talking to ...?" Do you sometimes need an article to back up a point that you're making, but don't know where the data is? Well, I do. I've started lists a number of times, and keep misplacing them.

This time is different. When a discussion on one of the mailing lists got into studies demonstrating the effectiveness of Agile Software Development, I decided to start a list in a place that won't get lost.

The wiki already covers readings in these areas:

Some people have already noticed, but this is a project that will thrive only if it is actively cared for by a wide array of participants.

Accordingly, we'd like to ask you: what agile readings do you think are important to record, and what topics need fleshing out?

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