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InfoQ Homepage News Indispensable Tips on Using Java Classes in JRuby

Indispensable Tips on Using Java Classes in JRuby

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Eric Armstrong, a Document Systems Architect at Sun Microsystems, recently wrote some great tips on calling Java code from JRuby in his post "Using Java Classes in JRuby". In his personal notes which he composed from his own research and experimentation, he describes several tips on the following topics:

  • The proper way to include Java in JRuby.
  • Including class names and referencing them.
  • Accessing external (or third party) classes including how to add them to the classpath.
  • Implementing Java interfaces in JRuby.

As JRuby matures into a viable technology it's sometimes hard to find information and tips about how to use it effectively. One of JRuby's committers, Charles Nutter, eluded to one reason why there still isn't formal information about JRuby by saying "Good authors do not have time to be good developers."

As documentation and best practices matures along with new technologies such as JRuby, tips from members of the community are indispensable.

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