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InfoQ Homepage News Article: SOA Governance - Long-Term SOA Implementation and Management

Article: SOA Governance - Long-Term SOA Implementation and Management


In a new article, Enterprise Architecture expert and management consultant Wolfgang Keller discusses how SOA Governance relates to overall IT Governance. From the introduction:

IT users and IT vendors believe that "SOA is good" and that one has the choice of "either implementing SOA or perishing". However, if you want to use such arguments to convince the IT committee of a fortune 1000 enterprise to invest a two- to three-digit million budget in a SOA strategy, you will fail, and often rightly so. This article shows where SOA initiatives frequently get bogged down and how SOA can be anchored in an IT governance system to make SOA a success. SOA governance helps to achieve this goal. This article, which treats SOA governance as an integral part of IT governance and architecture governance, will show where SOA governance does not differ significantly from other current standard practices of IT enterprise architecture and where SOA requires special treatment in architecture management.

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