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.NET to Ruby connector available

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The free of charge Ruby Connector brings the .NET and Ruby world closer together. The library is provided by SapphireSteel Software, the makers of the Ruby in Steel IDE. To avoid confusion: Ruby, for the Ruby Connector, means Ruby 1.8.x, the Ruby interpreter provided by Yukihiro Matsumoto (also called MRI). Neither Ruby.NET nor IronRuby are involved.

The SapphireSteel blog shows an example of a GUI form built with Visual Studio that connects to Ruby and fetches and sets data. For Windows or .NET developers, this allows to reuse the existing GUI creation tools to build a GUI, while keeping the program logic in a Ruby backend.

The system requirements and licensing for the Ruby Connector are simple:
The Ruby Connector is free for personal and commercial use (please read the license agreement which is included in the Zip download). It can be used with standard installations of Visual Studio and does not require Ruby In Steel (though, naturally, Ruby In Steel would be highly advantageous when developing for Ruby!).

The Ruby Connector can be downloaded at the SapphireSteel Software website.

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