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InfoQ Homepage News RubyConf 2007 Registration Open

RubyConf 2007 Registration Open

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Fall's conferences are starting to get fleshed out. RubyConf 2007, the conference to meet the Who is Who of Ruby, has just published its Agenda, and Chad Fowler just announced that the registration for RubyConf 2007 is now open. The conference will be in Charlotte, North Carolina from Friday 2nd November to Sunday 4th November 2007.

This RubyConf is definitely going to be interesting for everyone interested in Ruby VM implementations, with the morning of Day 2 made up of talks by  IronRuby's John Lam,  JRuby's Charles Nutter and Rubinius' Evan Phoenix. The release of Rubinius 1.0 planned for RubyConf 2007, as is the release of JRuby 1.1.

For those that can't make it to RubyConf 2007, QCon San Francisco 2007 also features a Ruby track entitled "The Rise of Ruby", hosted by InfoQ's very own Obie Fernandez.


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