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InfoQ Homepage News TrimPath Junction - Bringing Rails Style MVC to JavaScript

TrimPath Junction - Bringing Rails Style MVC to JavaScript

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TrimPath Junction has been quite active since it was reinvigorated by Google Gears back in July.  It is one of a few projects bringing Rails style MVC web development to Javascript.  The project has had 5 point releases in August (from 1.1.8 to 1.1.16).  Most of them have focused on performance with some bug fixes and usage enhancements along the way.

TrimPath Junction is interesting because it has a server side component:
Junction is an all JavaScript framework that closely models the Ruby on Rails model-view-controller design pattern and implementation. And with the help of the Helma JavaScript web server, it runs the same code both on the client and on the server. Exactly the same code, in fact.
Digesting javascript on the serverside can be a bit overwhelming, so is running a new tutorial,  TrimPath Junction Walkthrough, to show it in action.  It covers how to get the simple Rails-like demo installed, up, and running and then walk through the code.

The author says it best with: does certainly show the potential of what can be done with JavaScript, both on the client and server side. And it is a fascinating glimpse into the potential offered by disruptive technologies like Google's Gears and Adobe's AIR platform.

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