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InfoQ Homepage News Apache Tuscany Released as First 1.0 SCA Implementation

Apache Tuscany Released as First 1.0 SCA Implementation

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The the Apache Software Foundation has released the first 1.0 implementation of the Service Component Architecture (SCA), Apache Tuscany Java 1.0. According to the release notes, the release includes SCA assembly and policy along with support for many binding and component type implementations and a lightweight modular runtime with several host deployment options. Three weeks ago, InfoQ had a chance to talk to lead developer Jean-Sebastien Delfino to get some more information as the team released the 0.99 release; the schedule then mentioned a 1.0 release by the end of September. Check out the earlier posting for some background.

SCA is both a model for assembling service-oriented solutions, as well as a programming model, and sometimes positioned as an alternative to Microsoft's Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). SCA is being standardized at OASIS as part of Open Composite Services Architecture (Open CSA).

Download Tuscany Java 1.0 or browse the documentation.

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