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InfoQ Homepage News CBDI Publishes Service Architecture and Engineering Metamodel V2.0

CBDI Publishes Service Architecture and Engineering Metamodel V2.0

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The Everware CBDI Forum published recently the second release of the CBDI Service Architecture and Engineering (SAE) metamodel as part of their SOA reference framework. The metamodel is available free of charge after registration.

Paul Allen, principal consultant at Everware-CBDI, says:

SOA is more than infrastructure, it involves a collection of knowledge and best practices, a coherent conceptual approach, an enterprise blueprint, a reference model, a reference architecture, business process models, a rigorous and standards based approach.

SAE metamodel v2.0 was designed with the input of customers and the feedback they gave on v1.0.

John Dodd, principal consultant at Everware-CBDI, suggests that:

A service architecture needs to be defined at three levels:
  • Specification architecture
  • Implementation architecture
  • Deployment architecture

These views represent the core of the CBDI SAE metamodel. They are supported by other views including: business modeling, organization, policy, service modeling, software modeling and technology.

This week, British technology company Salamander announced that it is launching a new business-driven SOA solution combining its product MooD business architecture technology and the Everware-CBDI methodology. This solution enables full-lifecycle service architecture planning, governance, testing and deployment as a solution to achieving SOA goals.

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