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InfoQ Homepage News DbFit 0.9 includes MySQL Support and Full Oracle for Java Support

DbFit 0.9 includes MySQL Support and Full Oracle for Java Support

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Since InfoQ last reported on DbFit, there have been several releases, including the latest 0.9 release, adding:

  • Support for driving DbFit from Java
  • Embedding DbFit tables into Java and .NET FIT tests as part of test setup or result verification
  • Support for testing Stored Procedure Error Codes
  • MySQL Support
  • .NET support for Oracle floats
  • Java support for Oracle floats, timestamps and stored function

Gojko Adic describes how he feels DbFit differs from DbUnit:

DbUnit is an extension for JUnit (so it requires java knowledge), and works in an x-Unit style fashion. DbFit is an extension for FIT/FitNesse, so it works in a tabular/relational language, which comes much more natural for database objects. In addition to mixing with Java or .Net tests, it can be used by db specialists for TDD without writing java or .net code. Also, it has quite a few useful features to speed up test writing, like automatic transaction rollback on the end of the test.

As before, Getting Fit with Oracle is perhaps the easiest way to get an introduction to DbFit and its basic operation. Continue following InfoQ's agile community to stay on top of agile tools and techniques.

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