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InfoQ Homepage News Article: Java Grid, why do we need it?

Article: Java Grid, why do we need it?

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Investment banks have often set trends or offer the rest of us a glimpse into the future of our IT infrastructure. Today banks are investing heavily into grid technologies as they continue in their battle for profits. In this article, John Davies shares his experiences on technologies used in finance and why Grid technologies are becoming a new mainstream for high volume, low latency systems.

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John concludes:
The clever vendors are now programming to a grid culture, simple thread-safe POJOs with self-contained functionality and defined behaviour, you and I know these as objects. As we strive to get every last cycle out of the CPU we're looking to make the most out of the CPU's direct memory. Distribution is inevitable but like the way a CPU's memory cache works we try to optimise the network usage to a minimum, advances in CPU technology and the ever-diminishing price of memory is playing right into our laps. Grid, however you define it, is here to stay.\

What have been your experiences with Grid archittectures?

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