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InfoQ Homepage News Interview: BT's Chief WS Architect Paul Downey on "Loving the Web"

Interview: BT's Chief WS Architect Paul Downey on "Loving the Web"

In this interview, recorded at QCon London, Stefan Tilkov talks to Paul Downey, Chief Web Services Architect for BT, about Web services standards, Paul's work in the W3C'S XML Databinding working group, WS-* vs. REST, and cool stuff BT offers to developers.

Paul Downey acts as Chief Web Services Architect for BT, defined the exposure of the BT Web21C services, chairs the W3C XML Schema Patterns for Databinding Working Group has participated in the W3C Web Services Addressing, W3C Web Services Description and WS-I Basic Profile Working Groups, and presented at the W3C Workshop on The Web of Services for Enterprise Computing.

In the interview, Paul explains why a company like BT worries about standards in the first place, about what he sees as the current status of WS-* standardization, the role of the Web, the REST "posse",  and BT's offerings.

Watch the full interview (15 minutes).

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    by Darren Tarbard,

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    And I know what you mean about REST :-)

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