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InfoQ Homepage News Ari Zilka on Terracotta, Clustering and Open Source

Ari Zilka on Terracotta, Clustering and Open Source

Ari Zilka, co-founder and CTO of Terracotta, speaks to InfoQ about the simple programming model that Terracotta allows:
Our open source project is basically all we've got — there's no commercial versus open — and in this project what we are enabling people to do is to write to what looks like a single JVM but is actually cluster of JVMs, so you don't need JTA, you don't need EJBs to access temporal data, you don't need messaging to replicate state, you don't need JGroups, you don't need to do all this by hand, signaling across machines, because the machines talk to each other as if they were in the same process space. And they do that in a scalable fashion, we think because we have got a central server that is actually acting as a traffic cop enabling all these conversations between JVMs.
Watch the full interview (29 minutes) in order to learn more about the capabilities of and use cases for Terracotta, as well as the rationale and impact of taking Terracotta to an open-source model.

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