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InfoQ Homepage News ThoughtWorks Releases Mingle 1.1

ThoughtWorks Releases Mingle 1.1

Hot on the footsteps of the first release of  Mingle, in true agile style 3 months later Thoughtworks' has released  R1.1, providing additional functionality for team collaboration and personal productivity, building on the already significant capability set for a first release.

 Some of the new features include:

  • Different views for different types of cards (e.g. bugs, tasks, stories, risks) - making it easier for the developer/project manager to understand the project landscape.
  • More powerful filtering capabilities (and/or, negative filters, add/remove conditions) - allowing the project manager to report on - for example 'All Cards where the Status is NOT complete.
  • Dates : the new dates support allows the user to set due dates, start dates, end dates on a story card - enabling project managers to understand immediately how developers are performing against their estimated times.
  • In the first release of Mingle, dates were not given their own property type. So many users utilize the standard property as a way to track values for properties that required a date value. As this type was not optimized for the selection and sorting of dates, we have made date properties a core part of Mingle with R1.1. All cards can now have productivity by date, export one or more date properties associated with them to track and dates for outside reports, and prioritize requirements, bugs, tasks and risks.
  • Remote SVN support - for SVN repositories either on the host machine or out on the internet.
  • Build robust workflows with new transition capabilities - including only allowing certain fields to be updated by the workflow (transition) process, addition of validation of card entries through transition (for example to ensure a comment is added to a card when its moved/status changed.).
  • More bundled transitions - Such as 'Sign-Up' - enabling the developer to sign up to a Story Card.
  • More advanced reporting capabilities - including the inclusion of burn down charts.
  • Improved use of screen real estate with collapseable menus.
The pace of development of Mingle does not seem to be slowing, with Mingle R1.2 earmarked to hit the download servers in December this year. On the roadmap for Mingle R1.2 is:
  • Parent-Child Relationships: hierarchies for all card types. For use them on stories, defects, tasks etc.
  • APIs: Integrate your web and in-house apps with Mingle
  • CruiseControl Integration: Work tight with your builds. View build history and build status directly in Mingle.
  • Formula properties for custom calculations.
  • Wiki enhancements: simplified navigation and management along with card templates and defaults.

Mingle R1.1 is free for teams under 5, and comes with a graded cost depending on the size of the team.

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