InfoQ Presentation: Eric Evans on Domain Driven Design - Putting the Model to Work

| by Niclas Nilsson Follow 0 Followers on Nov 08, 2007. Estimated reading time: less than one minute |

Why bother with models?

Many development teams undertake modeling, yet they often end up with little more than a data schema which does not deliver on the productivity promises for object design. What does it take to make a domain model truly pull its weight and positively transform a project? To do that we need a model that is not just a diagram or an analysis artifact, but that provides the very foundation of the design, the driving force of analysis, even the basis of the language spoken on the project.

In this talk, Eric Evans outlines some of the foundations of domain-driven design:

  • How models are chosen and evaluated
  • How multiple models coexist
  • How the patterns help avoid the common pitfalls, such as overly interconnected models
  • How developers and domain experts together in a domain-driven design team engage in progressively deeper exploration of their problem domain and make that understanding tangible as a practical software design.

View the 60-minute InfoQ exclusive presentation Domain-Driven Design - Putting Models to Work to learn how to tackle complexity in software. Remember - the most critical complexity of most software projects is understanding the business domain itself.

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where is 2nd part by Yale Li

I do not see any control for pause/forward/play recorded presentation. It completed Eric's first part, but it is not playing the 2nd part of the talk. Do i need to wait for 30 minutes for the break between 2st part and 2nd part?

Re: where is 2nd part by Yale Li

well, i found the controls by mouse over the video,

Re: where is 2nd part by Yale Li

so i found the end of the talk, i guess that the 2nd part of talk is not posted yet. am I right?

A great talk by Yale Li

this is a great talk i recommend for everyone. Very well put and clearly explained concepts

Re: A great talk by Rolf Lampa

Yes, it seems to be based on true experience.

I once used other names in this domain, like Trip, TripEvent(Stops), TripSections(Legs) etc, a bit abstract perhaps, but generic. Downside with "generic names" is that it doesn't tend to sound very much like the "domain language", which is important for communicating core concepts with the domain experts, upside with generic names is (for the designer) that the emerging model "invites" to discovering generic patterns and "meta solutions" (a kind of a "the trees don't obscure the forest effect" if undressing the names of domain specific implementations). This in turn increases "insights" in the problem domain.

And yes, try to get as deep into the problem domain as possible by discussing many and all aspects with domain experts. Don't stop at the first bright idea. I like that.

But, OTOH, do NOT assume that the domain experts _fully_ understand the principles involved!, instead DO assume that they know (the best) how to do the job the way they currently do it (which is not exactly the same...).

What I am saying is that a thorough analysis in the pre-design stage is an unique occasion also for the domain experts (usually the end customer) to learn to even better understand the problem domain(s) at hand, and from that follows a unique opportunity to potentially *improve* the business concept(s). Well, that's my experience anyway.

It would be really interesting to hear also the other half of the lecture, hopefully the second part will also be uploaded?

Re: where is 2nd part by Diana Baciu

Hi Yale

Yes you're right. the second part of the talk will be published soon:)

Player stops by Ivo Limmen


Can the video also be downloaded somewhere? My connection fails sometimes and the player wants to restart and I am not able to seek to the point where the player stopped the last time.

Re: Player stops by Floyd Marinescu

Unfortunately not, however we are working on a fix but it may not be around for another couple of months.

Download Video by Hadikusuma Wahab

Hi Ivo , you should try OrbitDownloader. Its free and can download any types of video :)

Eager to see part two by Corin Lawson

A very good talk. Despite Evans' moments of awkwardness he gave a coherent and well expressed presentation with a thought-out example.

As a practitioner the new and exciting bit was at the end: many models can work to our advantage. Often I will consider 'the context' of a system first, define the basics of 'it' and move on. Maybe, next time I will spare some thought for the many contexts and workout a framework for each of them. I can't wait to see how to make it work, in part two... how/where will it be advertised? Will there be a link from this presentation?

Re: Eager to see part two by Rolf Lampa

>> Despite Evans' moments of awkwardness

Wow this really was an idiotic claim!

What if Mr. Evans was only thinking very deep inbetween, trying to increase value by trying to avoid confusing you by introducing too much complexity too early?

He's actually doing very good. He's allowing things to sink in.

Would you know exactly why his very humble and pleasant performance sometimes makes a short brake for a moment of deeper reflexion?

This is what designer's do. They stop and think where other ruch ahead and causes,um... "all sorts".

Disregard this stupid comment.

// Rolf Lampa, Sweden.

Re: Eager to see part two by Rolf Lampa

>> Disregard this stupid comment.

Well... this comment doesn't look very clever either...

It should of course have read:
"Disregard the quoted stupid (and mean) comment, by Corin Lawson"

Re: where is 2nd part by Sddd jkljlkjl

Great how different the interpretation of "soon" can be.

Re: Eager to see part two by Diana Baciu

Part two is now online on InfoQ:

Very good - now we wait for part THREE by Rolf Lampa

Part two is now online on InfoQ:

Thanks. This second part was very good as well. What's really worth considering in any enterprise system is the approach to separate a system into :

- Core Domain(s)
- Sub Domains (generic or supporting dittos)

Very good talk and recommendations, with example of how to people tend to put too much effort into the wrong (sub) domains and so end up with a crappy designed Core Domain.

Eric demonstrates his experience - and matureness - as a designer of "real world business systems" when he points out that business systems actually has to incorporate ALSO messy and chaotic parts (for example for varying types and quality of in-data to the system) since this is an essential part of supporting (solving) the REAL business problems/situations. But - and here comes the point - although "messy parts" are unavoidable, make sure to keep those messy parts (domains) out of the "clean" and well designed Core Domain(s)!

No surprise, very good talk again! I look forward to seeing also the third (last?) part. :)

// Rolf Lampa

PS: Btw, was this video recorded in Sweden? (I think I saw the text "musikhuset" (music house) on that blue sign).

Re: Very good - now we wait for part THREE by Niclas Nilsson

PS: Btw, was this video recorded in Sweden? (I think I saw the text "musikhuset" (music house) on that blue sign).

In Denmark actually, at the JAOO conference.

Kind regards

Re: Very good - now we wait for part THREE by Lo Kuei-yang

where can i download the slides...?

Thank you so much...

size of countries by Sebastian Dietrich

unfortunately Eric is totally wrong concerning the size of countries on his map since it is no map that projects the size of a country or contintent correctly

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Email me replies to any of my messages in this thread

Allowed html: a,b,br,blockquote,i,li,pre,u,ul,p

Email me replies to any of my messages in this thread

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