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InfoQ Homepage News Oracle Mix: First large JRuby on Rails app online

Oracle Mix: First large JRuby on Rails app online

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Oracle just released social networking web application called Oracle Mix - and it uses JRuby on Rails:
So, far the buzz on Oracle Mix has been good. Just some clarifications to Paul’s comments on Mix’s tech architecture… it’s running on Oracle Application Server, Oracle Database, Oracle Internet Directory, Oracle SSO, and jRuby on Rails. As far as I know, Mix is the first and largest public deployment of jRuby on Rails. The best part is that we made this happen in less than 5 weeks… with the help of the wonderful people at ThoughtWorks.
After Mingle and CruiseControl.rb, this is yet another JRuby project that ThoughtWorks is involved in. JRuby team member and ThoughtWorks employee Ola Bini worked on Oracle Mix as well:
The last 5 weeks, a team consisting of me, Alexey Verkhovsky, Matt Wastrodowski and Toby Tripp from ThoughtWorks, and Rich Manalang from Oracle have created a new application based on an internal Oracle application. This site is called Oracle Mix, and is aimed to be the way Oracles customers communicate with Oracle and each other, suggesting ideas, answering each others questions and generally networking.
Are you using JRuby on Rails in production systems? How would you use JRuby on Rails - write a JRuby-specific application or use it to run an existing Rails application?

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