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InfoQ Homepage News Interview: Paul Fremantle on the State of WS-*

Interview: Paul Fremantle on the State of WS-*

I an interview recorded at QCon London, WSO2 co-founder and VP of Technical Sales Paul Fremantle talked to Stefan Tilkov about his views on web services, the WS-* universe, WSO2's products and the future of the technology in this space.

In Paul's view, much of the current backlash against web services is rooted in the fact that the SOAP, WSDL and the WS-* stack have matured and thus become boring -- which leads to the need of technical people to look for new challenges. He stresses Microsoft's role in web services standardization, and notes that the fact that WCF needed to get released created a lot of pressure to finalize some standards. Paul explains his view on what the core standards are that a WS architect or developer should be aware of,  and explains the differences between WS-Reliable Messaging and a standard such as AMQP. Other topics covered include the Apache Synapse/WSO2 ESB mediation engine, WSO2's business model, and the WS-* vs. REST debate.

Paul co-founded WSO2 after 9 years at IBMm where he created the Web Services Gateway, and led the team that developed and shipped it as part of WebSphere Application Server. Paul also co-created the Web Services Invocation Framework (WSIF), was co-lead of JSR 110: Java APIs for WSDL, which produced WSDL4J, and co-chaired the OASIS Web Services Reliable eXchange Technical Committee, which created WS-Reliable Messaging (about which Paul contributed an excellent article to InfoQ).

Watch the full interview (34 minutes).

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