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InfoQ Homepage News Article: Key Takeaways and lessons learned from QCon SF

Article: Key Takeaways and lessons learned from QCon SF

Bloggers were quite active at InfoQ's QCon San Francisco conference which took place Nov 7-9. Bloggers wrote about 32 of the 60 sessions at the event, including the keynotes, session on Linked-In, eBay, Orbitz architectures, and more.

Read Key Takeaway Points and Lessons Learned from QCon San Francisco 2007  to learn the most valuable insights the attendees took the time to blog about, as well as many other aspects about QCon.

Qcon was InfoQ's second conference (the first QCon having occured March 07 in London) but the first in the US. The event was produced in partnership with the folks who produce the JAOO conference in Denmark. There were 400 badges printed at this first QCon in the US, with 70% of the attendees being US-based, and the majority with team lead, architect, and technology director roles. Over 78 speakers presented at QCon SF including keynotes by Kent Beck, James Noble, Martin Fowler & Richard Gabriel. Going forward, QCon will be an annual event in London every spring and also in San Francisco in the fall.

Our next QCon in London is coming up in a few months, to be announced soon.

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