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InfoQ Homepage News Presentations from the last Microsoft SOA & BP 2007 conference available

Presentations from the last Microsoft SOA & BP 2007 conference available


Steve Sfartz, architect evangelist at Microsoft France, has provided a pointer to all the presentations from the last SOA and Business Process conference that was held in Redmon the week of October 29.

Steve mentions that access is available until 11/21/2007.

You'll find presentations from David Chappell, Steve Swartz, Clemens Vasters, Aaron SkonnardFrank Martinez, Nick Malik, Gabriel Morgan...

Steve lists his favorite ones (the 400 level are the most technical):

Building Solutions with the Microsoft ESB Guidance

Marty Wasznicky

IA 400

Download Presentation

Service Virtualization with .NET & BizTalk Server

William Oellerman & Raul Camacho

IA 401

Download Presentation

BizTalk Server 2006 R2 for SOA and BPM – Seeing the Forest for the Trees.

Ofer Ashkenazi

FT 309

Download Presentation

BizTalk Adapters for WCF: Deep Dive

Aaron Skonnard

FT 400

Download Presentation

Best Practices for Creating Composite Activities in WF

Matt Milner

FT 401

Download Presentation

Connections in the CloudBizTalk Services and WCF

Justin Smith

SA 302

Download Presentation

.Net Stock Trader App & Interoperability

Greg Leake

SA 206

Download Presentation

Architecture of the Microsoft ESB Guidance

Marty Wasznicky

SA 400

Download Presentation


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