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InfoQ Homepage News Panel on Agile Leadership: Stories from the Trenches

Panel on Agile Leadership: Stories from the Trenches

InfoQ presents a panel from APLN Leadership Summit at Agile2006, where four business leaders spoke about their experiences with Agile adoption: Bud Phillips (Capital One Financial), Israel Ganot (BMC Software), Steven Ambrose (DTE Energy), and Peter George (Cronos Inc.). Topics included top-down vs. bottom-up adoption, making the leap of faith to enterprise adoption and the value of the Project Management Office (PMO). 

Panelists were asked about issues they'd dealt with, and spoke about the challenge of introducing Agile beyond the Engineering organization, about pursuing "total value" in production, how Agile leadership "ruins" middle management and those “defining moments" in Agile adoption, when things get tough and staff looks to their leaders to see if they will stand up for the new values being promoted.

As for "what's coming up next, that you haven't addressed yet," two mentioned figuring out the relationship between development and the rest of the organisation, another said that, now that the business sees what's possible, development needs to prepare for a period of increased demand for innovation within the organisation,

Watch the 60-minute video of the APLN Panel on: The Value of Agile Leadership to the Enterprise.

APLN was founded in 2004 by a group of people active in writing about, practicing, and evangelizing the movement towards fast, flexible, customer value driven approaches to leading projects. Their intention is to work closely with the Agile Alliance within the software community, but also to work with groups outside of software and IT to help them become better Project Leaders. 

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