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AgileEvents Monthly Update

The AgileEvents calendar provides a place for non-profit or commercial groups to easily announce their events for the Agile community, free of charge. Here are the events coming up, as of December 1st - including user groups, Extreme Tuesday club (XTC), training, coding dojos and "Naked Agilists" (which, fortunately, meet on skype). Note that it's easy to add these to your own calendar, be it google, yahoo or other - follow the links below to for instructions. And visit to do a more specific search by city, country, continent or by using tags.

Date Event Name Metro
Dec 01 2nd Chennai Agile User Group Meet Chennai
Dec 03+ First Agile Development Practices Confer... Orlando
Dec 03 Software entwicklen mit dem Eclipse Way Hamburg
Dec 05 Agile Ottawa December Event - Mike Milin... Self-Promotion Ottawa
Dec 06 XTC Boston Boston
Dec 10 XP.BE group meeting: David Anderson on T... Self-Promotion Antwerpen
Dec 11+ Secrets of Agile Teamwork: Beyond Techni... Self-Promotion Portland
Dec 11 Oxtremists Agile Book Group Self-Promotion Oxford
Dec 12+ eXperience Agile - software development ... Self-Promotion unknown
Dec 13+ Certified ScrumMaster Course with Soluti... Seattle
Dec 18 XPToronto December Meeting Toronto
Dec 19 Brighton Coding Dojo Brighton & Hove
Dec 19 Agile Forum Brighton & Hove
Jan 17+ Certified Scrum Product Owner Training w... Seattle
Jan 19 Naked Agilists International
Jan 21+ Effective Agile Planning with SolutionsI... Seattle
Jan 31+ Certified ScrumMaster Training with Solu... Seattle
Feb 28+ Certified ScrumMaster Training with Solu... Seattle
Mar 13+ Certified Scrum Product Owner Training w... Seattle
Mar 27+ Certified Scrum Product Owner Training w... Seattle
Apr 02+ Effective Agile Planning with SolutionsI... Seattle
May 16+ AgileCoachCamp 2008 Self-Promotion TBA
Aug 04+ Agile 2008 Self-Promotion Toronto

You can view the next few upcoming items daily on InfoQ's Agile homepage and follow the links to for the complete list, with details of each event.  And, you can add your own events! All events focused on Agile or Lean process, facilitation, management, product ownership, methodologies and related practices are welcome.

Here are some features offered by UpComing, which readers might find useful:
If you like the calendar but find it's missing something (or if you don't like it!) feedback and feature requests are welcome - we're keeping a backlog.

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