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RubyConf 2007 Presentations Now Online

Confreaks, who provide recording and networking services for conferences have just recently released the complete set of presentations from this year’s RubyConf.

This year’s presentations are particularly interesting viewing, and there is a wide range of content available.

For example, Nathanial Talbott discusses why the lucky stiff’s Camping framework, a tiny ‘microframework’ for writing web applications which is less than 4k in size. Nathanial gives a live code preview of Camping, and then compares it with Rails: i.e. how Camping’s philosophy can be said to be minimalism rather than Rails’s convention over configuration

Other highlights include Ben Scofield’s presentation which covered language theory and how that relates to programming languages such as Ruby, and Evan Phoenix’s outstanding talk on Rubinius which many attendees described as the highlight of the conference. This presentation even includes some live singing by Evan himself.

Finally, this set of presentations includes Matz’s keynote which covers the future of Ruby, starting with the recent 1.9 development release, and the so-called ‘Town Meeting’ Q&A session where Matz answers a whole variety of questions from the audience.

The full roster of available presentations is as follows:

  • Marcel Molina, Jr.
    • What Makes Code Beautiful?
  • Jim Weirich
    • Advanced Ruby Class Design
  • Nathaniel Talbott
    • Why Camping Matters
  • Shunichi Shinohara, Kiwamu Kato
    • Introduction to AP4R
  • Nathan Sobo
    • Treetop: Syntactic Analysis with Ruby
  • Paul Brannan
    • Avoiding Pitfalls in C Extensions
  • Ben Bleything
    • Controlling Electronics with Ruby
  • Andrea O. K. Wright
    • High Art on Top of Low-Level APIs: Building Games with Ruby
  • Ryan Davis
    • Hurting Code for Fun and Profit
  • Eric Ivancich
    • Ropes: An Alternative to Ruby’s Strings
  • Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto
    • Town Meeting with Ruby Creator
  • John Lam
    • State of IronRuby
  • Thomas Enebo, Charles Nutter
    • JRuby: Ruby for the JVM
  • Evan Phoenix
    • Rubinius
  • Ed Borasky
    • Profiling and Tuning Ruby 1.8
  • Phil Hagelberg
    • Tightening the Feedback Loop
  • Eric Hodel
    • Maximizing Productivity
  • Francis Hwang
    • Conversations vs. Laws
  • Luke Kanies
    • Essential Incompleteness in Program Modeling
  • Bruce Williams, Rich Kilmer
    • Deployable Ruby Runtimes
  • Michael Neumann
    • Efficient Ruby to Javascript Compilation and Applications
  • Laurent Sansonetti
    • Mac OS X Loves Ruby
  • Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto
    • Keynote Address: Does Language Matter?
  • Dr. Nic Williams
    • Use Ruby to Generate More Ruby – RubiGen
  • David Chelimsky, Dave Astels
    • Behaviour Driven Development with RSpec
  • Jay Phillips
    • Next-Gen VoIP Development with Adhearsion
  • William Bereza
    • Enhancing Embedded Development with Ruby
  • Kyle Maxwell
    • JRuby in the Wild
  • Ben Scofield
    • Cleanliness Is Next to Domain Specificity
  • Justin Gehtland
    • Ruby and Identity: OpenID, CAS and Information Card
  • Erik Hatcher
    • solr-ruby: The Best Open Source Search Engine + Ruby
  • Aaron Bedra
    • Sploitin’ with Ruby (Point, Click, Root)
  • Andreas Erik Johan Launila
    • Gecode/R
  • Jeremy McAnally
    • DCov
  • Helder dos Santos Ribeiro
    • A Recorder for FireWatir
  • Nick Sutterer
    • Apotomo

The presentations are available here, and are initially presented as flash movies, but are also downloadable in 640×240 and 960×360 AVI format. They are released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license, unless otherwise noted.

Updated content and formatting on 26/12/07

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