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InfoQ Homepage News Article: The Seven Fallacies of Business Process Execution

Article: The Seven Fallacies of Business Process Execution

In a new InfoQ article, Jean-Jacques Dubray, InfoQ SOA editor and author of the InfoQ minibook "Composite Software Construction",  explores a new architecture blueprint for BPMSs that offers a cleaner alignment between SOA and BPM. Jean-Jacques argues that after  more than eight years of intense research, the promises of BPM have not materialized: we are still far from having the ability to use the business process models designed by business analysts to create complete executable solutions.

Jean-Jacques lists what he considers to be the main myths, the typical misconceptions with regards to BPM:

  1. Business analysts model their processes from a system's point of view
  2. Business users can easily learn BPMN and use all its features
  3. Business analysts should be able to create executable solutions from process models
  4. If we add a magical BPMS that create solutions directly from business analysts inputs we would not need to develop any of integration with existing systems nor to change existing systems of record nor to do any QA.
  5. Business Process Execution must be centralized
  6. Business Process Execution semantics can be derived easily from existing programming concepts
  7. The collaborative implementation paradigm, in which executable design is layered on top of the BPMN model, is the way to go.
He addresses each of these in turn, explicitly detailing his own alternative vision with regards to #5.

Read the full article here.

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