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Microsoft Open Sources Tafiti Search Visualization

Microsoft announced the release of the Tafiti Search Visualization source code to CodePlex.  Developers can now download, modify and resell the source code.  The release of the source code is under the Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL).

Tafiti is web search site from Microsoft to demonstrate the use of Silverlight and Live Search APIs to provide better and more specialized search.

Tafiti, which means "do research" in Swahili, is an experimental search front-end from Microsoft, designed to help people use the Web for research projects that span multiple search queries and sessions by helping visualize, store, and share research results. Tafiti uses both Microsoft Silverlight and Live Search to explore the intersection of richer experiences on the Web and the increasing specialization of search.

Tafiti exercises many Microsoft technologies:

A demonstration of Tafiti can be viewed at and a walk-through is also available.  Those developers who would like to setup and deploy Tafiti can also reference the Deployment Guide.

Tafiti is included as part of the Windows Live Quick Applications consisting of 6 demos/starter-kits.  The starter kits are:

Examining the source code for these projects, they all appear to be written in C#, the code for Tafiti and all of the Windows Live samples can be found on the CodePlex web site.

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