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InfoQ Homepage News Presentation: Werner Vogels on The Technology Platform: Building Blocks for Innovation

Presentation: Werner Vogels on The Technology Platform: Building Blocks for Innovation

An online enterprise of's scale naturally relies on a vast infrastructure; opening up this platform for innovation of partners is an obvious step towards a better utilization. An increasing number of diverse businesses are built on the platform. Platform customers range from retail partners, who integrate at the data level, to enterprise partners who consume platform services, to innovative start-ups who consume fundamental services such as S3, the Amazon storage service.

Watch the full presentation (49 minutes).

In this presentation, recorded at QCon London 2007, CTO Werner Vogels explains how Amazon has become a platform provider. According to Werner, has undergone the transformation from application to platform provider, and although's scale makes them seem an extreme case, lessons have been learnt that will be of use to every enterprise looking to provide services to or to consume services of business partners.

From an SOA perspective, it is interesting to note the degree to which has adopted a pragmatic approach to service-orientation, with a service as a cohesive unit of data and logic. According to Werner, there is a single team per service – without any "virtual wall" between development and operations.

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