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News Reader SDK Now Available on WindowsClient.NET

Microsoft  has  released  the  Syndicated  Client  Experiences  Starter  Kit  &  Reader  SDK  (SCE  SDK)  on WindowsClient.NET,  formerly known as  the News Reader SDK. A SCE client application provides a  rich multimedia  and  content experience,  including documents, photos,  videos  and podcasts.  The  SCE uses the  RSS  for  content  synchronization  while  also  taking  care  of  the  subscription  management,  local content storage, and credentials caching built in the Windows Sync Framework.

The  SCE  uses  sophisticated  WPF  text  and  layout  capabilities  like  flow  layout,  sub-pixel  Clear  Type, typography,  dynamic  hyphenation,  adaptable  columns  and  pages,  and many  others. One  example  of such an application is The New York Times Reader. The online content of the newspaper is rendered on any  screen, offering  zoom  support which  results  in  the  repagination and  reflow of  the  content  so one would not have to scroll though it to get to the desired information.

Since  it  is built on WPF and  the Sync Framework,  the  resulting SCE application  is pretty  small, usually around  1-2 MB.  It  is  also  offering  support  for  skinning,  branding  and  various  custom  user  interface controls. Printing is done by  rearranging the content to adapt to the size of the destination paper. The content can be visualized online or it can be taken offline.

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