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InfoQ Homepage News Keeping up with AgileEvents in 2008

Keeping up with AgileEvents in 2008

Happy New Year to our readers! In 2007 InfoQ inaugurated the AgileEvents calendar to allow members of the community to share information, free of charge, about events for professionals using Agile methods. Since September, over a hundred events have been posted on the calendar, from "naked agilists" and local coding dojos to commercial training classes and international conferences. In 2008, InfoQ will continue to support the calendar and encourage its use, but now that it's taken off it's not really news any more, so this will be the last news item on AgileEvents for a while. Read on to find out how to get regular notifications of upcoming activities via

Readers can use the InfoQ Agile homepage as a starting poing for browsing the calendar, and can follow links to where they can search using tags or do a more specific search by city, country, continent or by using tags.  And, you can add your own events! All events focused on Agile or Lean process, facilitation, management, product ownership, methodologies and related practices are welcome.

The site also makes it easy to add any event to your own calendar, be it google, yahoo or other .

Here are some features offered by UpComing, which readers might find useful:
  • Copy individual events from AgileEvents to your own calendar (outlook, yahoo, google, 30 boxes, etc) with the click of a button, on the UpComing site
  • Get updates on new events from the AgileEvents RSS feed
  • Visit your User Account page to get a personalized RSS feed of all events you are attending and watching, or to set up your reminder preferences
  • Ask your partipants to indicate "will attend" so you can keep a headcount
  • Create a code snippet to put this calendar on your webpage, in the same way that InfoQ does
  • Or import a live version of this calendar:
    - by using the Subscribe button on AgileEvents on
    - via the iCal interface:
    - via Google Calendar, by subscribing to the iCal feed, following these instructions
We hope that 2008 is full of excellent events for the Agile community - and don't forget, if you don't see the kind of event you really want to attend, or if it's not close enough to home, you can always just create your own, as others have. And, don't forget to announce it on AgileEvents!

PS: Your feedback is appreciated:
  • Have you used AgileEvents to announce your event? Has it made a difference?
  • Or - perhaps you don't use it... so, what would make it more useful to you?

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