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InfoQ Homepage News Interview: Didier Girard, are GWT and Volta GCC for the Web?

Interview: Didier Girard, are GWT and Volta GCC for the Web?

Microsoft released a preview of Volta last month. Many people have commented on this new technology and the concept of Architecture Factoring.

Some people have compared Volta with GWT (Google Web Toolkit).

Deepak Naik summarizes Volta's capabilities:

  • Language-independence. Write Volta code in any language that compiles into MSIL. For example, C#, VB, IronPython, etc.
  • Leverage the entire .NET toolchain. Use libraries; the IDE, Intellisense, auto-complete, snippets; FxCop; profiler; class browser; ILDASM; and so on.
  • Low entry barrier. Reduce your learning burden; use “only the languages in the room.”
  • Brown-field applicability. Volta-enable existing applications for the cloud.
  • Beyond 2 tiers. Refactor to as many tiers as you need using exactly the same mechanisms recursively applied.
  • Deep embedding of CLR semantics. Preserve exact CLR semantics across platforms.
  • Cross-browser support. Use one programming model across browsers.
  • Complete orthogonality with refactoring. Mix and match refactoring and retargeting.
  • Ajax-ready. Write Ajax patterns and idioms in familiar .NET languages.
  • Cross-browser support. Write the same code for Internet Explorer and Firefox.
  • Debugging transparency. Debug code with a specific browser.
  • Leverage browser-specific features. Where needed, access features unique to each browser.
  • Visual-Studio integration. Enjoy seamless integration with the IDE.

and concludes:

Pretty similar features to GWT .

James McKay is unconvinced by these new abstractions as JavaScript development environments are improving.

InfoQ spoke with Didier Girard, CTO of SFEIR, and GWT expert to get his perspective on how the two technologies compare and what do they mean to developers and architects.

Read the interview here.

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