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InfoQ Homepage News Presentation: Linda DeMichiel on EJB 3 & JPA

Presentation: Linda DeMichiel on EJB 3 & JPA

In this talk from last year's QCon London, Linda DeMichiel, who has been leading the EJB spec since the 1.0 days, presents EJB3, with a focus on JPA. JPA is a standard API for Java persistence and object/relational mapping that supports use in both Java EE and Java SE environments.  The talk covers key aspects of the Java Persistence API and its role in the development of EJB 3.0 apps, including use of the EntityManager API, persistence units and persistence contexts, queries, object/relational mapping, and how the combination of EJB 3 and Java Persistence facilitates the development of Java EE applications.

Watch Java Persistence and EJB3 (59 min)

Linda DeMichiel is a senior architect in the Java EE Platform group at Sun Microsystems and the chief architect for Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0 and the Java Persistence API.  Linda has over 20 years of experience in the areas of databases, object persistence, distributed computing, and OO in both industry and research. Before assuming responsibility for EJB, she led the team that implemented Sun's first object/relational persistence product, and worked earlier at IBM on object/relational extensions to both DB2 and the SQL99 standard. She holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stanford University.

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