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InfoQ Homepage News Article: An Introduction to NetKernel

Article: An Introduction to NetKernel

Last month the NetKernel project released version 3.3 which added an Optimized HTTP Transport Layer, Enhanced Dynamic Language Support, and Reorganized/Re-written Documentation.  The documentation enhancements were "to make the concepts of resource-oriented computing easier for adopters".  Continuing with that theme InfoQ is proud to present a new article, An Introduction to NetKernel:
NetKernel is a software system that combines the fundamental properties of REST and Unix into a powerful abstraction called resource oriented computing (ROC). The core of resource oriented computing is the separation of logical requests for information (resources) from the physical mechanism (code) which delivers it. Applications built using ROC have proven to be small, simple, flexible and require less code compared to other approaches.

In a resource oriented system requests are made for resources and concrete, immutable resource representations are returned. This follows directly from the principles of REST and the World Wide Web. In the web a request for a resource such as is resolved to an endpoint IP address by the Domain Name Service (DNS). The request is sent to that IP address and a web server delivers a response containing a concrete, immutable representation of the resource. Similarly, in NetKernel a resource request is resolved to an endpoint called an Accessor which is responsible for returning a concrete, immutable representation. NetKernel is implemented in Java so we will use this language for our first examples, however, later we will show that Java is one of many supported languages...

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