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InfoQ Homepage News Interview: The State of IronRuby with John Lam

Interview: The State of IronRuby with John Lam

InfoQ had the opportunity to talk with John Lam about how far along the IronRuby team is getting IronRuby released.

The interview is not a rehash of old information but more like a status report of the progress the development team has made since the announcement of the project back in April 2007 at MIX07.

John comments about the release:

We're shooting for second half of this year. There's a lot of work still to be done, and it's difficult this early on to judge how much community help will be
there (we've gotten some excellent contributions to date already). So our
schedule will slide to some extent based on that.

The entire interview can be found at The State of IronRuby with John Lam.

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