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WCF Web Programming Model Resources

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Since the first announcement of WCF's Web Programming Model and its official release within the .NET Framework 3.5 only few information have been readily available. Now, Steve Maine provides a comprehensive list of resources.

The Web Programming Model is WCF's approach to RESTful web services.  InfoQ has published a concise introduction to REST, which helps getting a grasp on what RESTful web services are all about. According to Steve "MSDN has a lot of great content on this stuff, but it's kind of sprinkled around in various places". Thus he "figured it would be nice to have links to all of the important topics in one place" and provides "the 'mini-TOC' for the Web Programming Model content":

Conceptual Overviews:

Class Library Reference (not exhaustive):

Configuration Schema:


Steve has written several articles about the Web Programming Model on his own:

John Flanders shows how to use WCF WebHttpBinding and WebGet with nicer Urls when publishing RESTful WCF services on IIS7, provides a Video - using BizTalk Server 2006 R2 with REST Services (.NET 3.5) and explains why he likes REST better than SOAP/WS-*.


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