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InfoQ Homepage News VersionOne Announces New UI and Embedded Forecasting in Release 8

VersionOne Announces New UI and Embedded Forecasting in Release 8


VersionOne Software, the maker of Agile Enterprise, a leading agile tool for team organization and project management, recently announced availability of their product's 8th major release. It features an all-new user interface, introduction of a release forecasting toolset, and additional plug-n-play integrations for some popular open source tools:

  • A new user interface - a simplified view focusing more on primary user needs with "1-click" access to functionality. Says VersionOne CEO Robert Holler:
  • We are always seeking ways to help our customers simplify the delivery of software. Our new interface ensures simplicity of use for all users - from the developer who only wants to see his or her work to the “power user” needing to leverage the broadest array of functionality. All key functionality is one click away, making the application much easier and more effective to use than a bunch of spreadsheets.
  • Release forecasting - estimating and date forecasting capabilities leveraging use of historical data and trends. Though some coaches have cautioned against too strong a reliance on such forecasting mechanisms, a recent VersionOne press release made the following claim about the new functionality's possible impact to project managers:
  • VersionOne’s unique Intelligent Release Forecaster tool enables teams to do “what if” analysis as part of the ongoing planning process. A project manager is able to input key parameters of the project, such as velocity, to accurately forecast the release delivery date with confidence. This is especially important to project managers in enterprise organizations demanding ongoing status and forecasting of delivery schedules. 
  • Integration with open source tools - plug-n-play data sharing and updates with Eclipse, Jira, Bugzilla, and HP (Mercury) Quicktest Pro. Representatives of VersionOne said this:
  • VersionOne provides all integrations as open source software via the VersionOne community site. Interested customers and partners can download the source code to further customize integrations for their unique environment. Also available are existing integrations with tools such as Visual Studio, Subversion and FitNesse. Unlike other Agile tool providers there are no hidden charges for use of the integrations, providing a much lower total cost of ownership of a VersionOne solution.

Pricing for all products remains unchanged: the Community Edition is free, Team Edition is $17 per user per month, and Enterprise Edition costs $30 per user per month.

For more information on Release 8 watch this short demo of the product's new features. Also, follow InfoQ's coverage of VersionOne and Artifacts and Tools.

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