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InfoQ Homepage News Agile2008 Reminder: Registration Discounts, Submission Deadline

Agile2008 Reminder: Registration Discounts, Submission Deadline


Agile2008 is scheduled for August 4th-8th 2008, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at the Sheraton Centre Hotel. The Agile Alliance reminds us that submissions need to be received before the deadline and is currently offering a limited number of discounted  super-early-bird registrations. Co-organizer Grigori Melnik's latest video tells about the event.

If you'd like to present/facilitate a session at Agile 2008, the Agile Alliance issued a call for participation in December and would be happy to have you propose a session for the conference program, but do it before the deadline of Feb 25th! Presenters are offered conference fee discounts. You can choose from multiple session types: demonstration, experience report, panel, research paper, talk, tutorial, workshop or 'other'. Also, there will be one "stage" for French language presentations. Rachel Davies, Agile 2008 Conference Chair adds:

We encourage you to submit in the next 3 weeks so you can get feedback from reviewers to improve your sessions before we stop taking proposals on February 25th.

Alternately, you can browse the session proposals (of which there are already over 350) and rate and give feedback to the presenters, participating in the selection process, and helping to ensure that Agile 2008 is the conference that you want it to be.

The video invitation, above, features Grigori Melnik, Program Chair of the Agile 2008 Conference, reminding potential attendees that Agile 2007 sold out early, and that those wishing to attend Agile 2008 should think about booking early. In response to last year's sold-out conference, the Agile Alliance has selected a larger venue, and "taken steps to scale the program up for more than 1,600 attendees."

Note that super-early-bird and early-bird registrations are not time-limited, but rather quantity limited and offered on a first-come-first-serve basis. When those registration categories are full, just-in-time registrations will be available.

Super-early-bird registration could save $400 for a members and non-members, while early-bird registration saves $200. Academic prices do not change, but are a marked savings over other categories. In 2006 and 2007 many were disappointed, so early registration is recommended.

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