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InfoQ Homepage News Presentation: Anne Thomas Manes on the Business Value of SOA

Presentation: Anne Thomas Manes on the Business Value of SOA

In a presentation recorded at QCon London 2007, Burton Group research director Anne Thomas Manes talks about how to make the business case for SOA. Her talk covers explaining SOA to non-technical business people, various approaches for selling SOA to management and gaining funding for SOA investments.

In Anne's opinion, the key to convincing people to adopt SOA is to highlight the ability to decommission existing applications that no longer provide value. While she is strongly in favor of SOA as a solution to address fundamental enterprise IT problems, which include a lack of accountability even though huge sums are being invested, she also acknowledges that in some cases there might be no way to convince decision makers.

Anne Thomas Manes is a Vice President and Research Director at Burton Group. She has participated in standards development at W3C, OASIS, JCP,, and WS-I. She is a member of the editorial board of Web Services Journal, a leading industry publication, is a frequent speaker at trade shows, author of numerous articles and a book on web services.

Watch the full presentation (61 minutes).

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