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InfoQ Homepage News Article: Securing a Grails Application with Acegi Security

Article: Securing a Grails Application with Acegi Security

In this article, Fadi Shami gives a walkthrough of integrating the grails-acegi plugin with a sample Grails application. As part of this integration, there are three major components which are used – Groovy, Grails and Acegi Security. The article guides the reader through the initial RaceTrack sample application setup, shows how to install the Grails-Acegi plugin into Grails, creates the Acegi security infrastructure, configures Acegi Security to protect the RaceTrack application, and finally tests that the security system is working as expected.

From the article's introduction:

This article assumes that you have completed the Grails tutorial found in Getting Started with Grails by Jason Rudolph, and have implemented the RaceTrack sample application. The grails-acegi plugin will then be integrated with RaceTrack to provide security for your application. Utilizing the grails-acegi plugin avoids the overhead of having to implement Grails interceptors in your application, provides more flexibility than interceptors, and also saves reimplementing your own security system by leveraging Acegi.

Read the full article here.

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