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InfoQ Homepage News EngineYard hires developer for mod_rubinius and Rubinius

EngineYard hires developer for mod_rubinius and Rubinius

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Engine Yard, a Rails hosting company, has recently made news by hiring a group of developers to work on Rubinius. Now, they added another developer, Eero Saynatkari ("rue" in the Rubinius IRC channel), increasing the number of paid Rubinius developers to six. Ezra Zygmuntowicz of Engine Yard (see InfoQ's interview with Ezra) explains in his blog what the new developer will be working on:
So we are just getting started on mod_rubinius here at EY. We’ve hired Eero Saynatkari ( rue in the #rubinius irc channel) full time to work on the project.

The architecture for mod_rubinius is still up in the air at this point. We do know that it will be rack based so the interface from mod_rubinis into ruby apps will be via rack. Other then that we don’t yet know what the best way to architect the platform will be. It could be an embeded rubinius VM inside the apache processes. Or it could be a process manager that manages separate rubinius VM’s, or a combination of both of these approaches.
Ezra is referring to Rack, which describes itself as such:
Rack provides an minimal interface between webservers supporting Ruby and Ruby frameworks.
Eero talks about his plans for his Rubinius and mod_rubinius work:
The mod_rubinius work itself will of course necessarily involve a lot of Rubinius work, initially at least in the realm of multi-VM (Rubinius can run completely separate interpreters one per native thread), Rubinius' own C interface (as opposed to Subtend) and the basic I/O layer.

You have a say in what happens with mod_rubinius, too! Hop over to Ezra's post to tell us exactly how you deploy your Merb/Ramaze/Rails/Nitro/IOWA/plain CGI/whatever applications in your wildest dreams.
You can catch up with Rubinius by reading InfoQ's Rubinius coverage.

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