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InfoQ Homepage News MVC Contrib Now Offers 4 Alternative View Engines

MVC Contrib Now Offers 4 Alternative View Engines

MVC Contrib, a contribution project for the ASP.NET MVC framework hosted on CodePlex, now offers 4 alternatives to the default ASPX view engine.

Although the ASP.NET MVC framework is just a preview, several community members have invested lots of time and energy in the MVC Contrib project. MVC Contrib provides additional functionality and alternatives to several extensibility and plugin points within ASP.NET MVC:

Jeffrey Palermo gives an overview of the four alternative view engines:

He is also planning to contribute SmartBag, which is a nice trade-off between type-safety and flexibility, for passing objects from the controller to the view.

In addition to providing lots of functionality the MVC Contrib project is a proof of Scott Guthrie's claim that everything "in the MVC framework is designed so that it can be easily replaced/customized".

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