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New Agile Community Site Launch

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A new site Agile Commons has recently been born, as a result of collaborative work between Rally employees and their customers. It has been launched as an ideas exchange platform funded by Rally & Hivemind, with the aim of becoming the leading resource for Agile minded people, by inviting organisations, Linked In groups (such as Agilistas) and independent contractors to discuss and exchange agile ideas in a single place.

Ryan Martens (CEO of Rally) spoke to InfoQ on how he sees the role of the site developing in the Agile community:
Agile Commons is an on-line, agile software development community designed to help fuel the drive and innovation of teams adopting and scaling agile.  The road to agile is road of incremental and continuous improvement or Kiazen.  To stay on this road, Agile Commons is designed to facilitate the sharing of ideas across organizations and support the continuous improvement teams need to avoid “giving up” or “settling for amateurism” in the form of just a modest improvement.
He goes on to say:
Agile Commons is also home to a number of sub-communities:
  • Rally Commons is for Rally customers to gain visibility and provide feedback into the usage, release and value of Rally's software capabilities.
  • Agile University Commons is for student and instructors to share materials and collaborate prior to and following their courses.
  • Agilistas Community is open to the Linked-in Agile group formed by Chris Spagnuolo.
The platform originally enabled Rally to respond to customer requests and hosted discussions, however as it has now become host for Chris Spagnuolo's rapidly growing and star studded Agilistas community. By inviting cross organisational, cross community groups, seems to be breaking new ground in assembling a diverse, socially aware, agile community resource.

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