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OASIS Symposium: Composability within SOA

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OASIS is going to hold a 3 day symposium on the topic of "Composability within SOA" in Santa Clara, CA from April 28th to April 30th. Peter Carbone, VP of SOA at Nortel and Douglas Shoupp, Principal at Deloitte Consulting will be the keynote speakers.

Peter will talk about Communications-Enabled Applications (CEA)
A communications-enabled application (CEA) differs from other software applications in that it can finally, effectively, leverage unique capabilities of communications infrastructures to accomplish its objectives. CEAs are exposing the limitations of current SOA frameworks, testing the current definitions of scale, scope, performance, and even partnership models, and are highlighting the need for critical new capabilities to add increasingly advanced communications capabilities to collaborative software systems. These new realities are establishing a higher performance expectation on the industry as a whole.

Engineers and Scientists from IBM, Oracle, BEA, SAP, Tibco, BAH, StrongAuth, Mitre, RiseSoft, BT, OGC, Changfeng, Sandpiper... will discuss topics including mashups, Service-Oriented Ajax, SCA, BPEL, SDO, BPM, Web Service Transactions, Data Security in SOA, SOA Reference Architecture...

In addition to the regular program, attendees can chose from hands-on tutorials which include:
  • Securing data across the enterprise using SOA
  • Semantic business process management
  • Effective standards work
  • Proposed Standards for End-to-End Resource Planning
  • Building composite applications with SCA, Apache Tuscany, and SDO
  • Deploying composable solutions
  • Composing meaningful documents
  • Using web services standards and open source implementations to develop an eGovernment interoperability framework
The symposium is open to OASIS members and non members. People can also register to attend tutorials only.

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