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InfoQ Homepage News RubyGems: 1.1.0 released, now works on Rubinius

RubyGems: 1.1.0 released, now works on Rubinius

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Eric Hodel, maintainer of RubyGems, announced the release of RubyGems 1.1.0. (For a discussion of RubyGems past, present and future, see InfoQ's interview with Eric Hodel at RubyConf 2007).

The new features:
  • RubyGems now uses persistent connections on index updates. Index updates are much faster now.
  • RubyGems only updates from a latest index by default, cutting candidate gems for updates to roughly 1/4 (at present). Index updates are even faster still.
    • gem list -r may only show the latest version of a gem, add --all to see all gems.
  • gem spec now extracts specifications from .gem files.
  • gem query --installed to aid automation of checking for gems.

For the full list of changes refer to the 1.1.0 ChangeLog file.

The quickest way to update (from the release notes):
gem update --system   (you might need to be admin/root) 
NOTE: if you're on an old RubyGems (before 0.8.5), Eric recommends this:
gem install rubygems-update  (again, might need to be admin/root)
update_rubygems (... here too)
or simply fall back to download the RubyGems 1.1.0 release from RubyForge, unpack the archive, go to the created directory and do:
ruby setup.rb (you may need admin/root privilege) 

In similar news, as Eric's on the Rubinius team employed by EngineYard, he's been working on getting Rubinius to run RubyGems as well. These efforts seem to have progressed very far, as Michael Klishin reports that installing Rails via RubyGems works on Rubinius, following Eric's announcement of Gems' inclusion into Rubinius:
Lincoln Stoll helped me shake the last bugs out of RubyGems, so we integrated it into Rubinius. We decided to make it a subcommand rbx gem like rbx compile or rbx describe. There are still a few things broken in RubyGems, namely installing gems with extensions because mkmf.rb doesn’t work in Rubinius.

Lincoln also pointed out and gave me patches for a few backwards-compatibility problems with RDoc, so now both RubyGems and RDoc work on Rubinius.

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