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InfoQ Homepage News Code Project Browser for VS 2005/2008

Code Project Browser for VS 2005/2008

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SlickEdit has created an Add-On for Visual Studio that integrates with the popular site, The Code Project.

Browsing web pages from within Visual Studio isn't a particularly novel trick. The interesting thing happens once you locate the article you need. The Code Project Browser automatically unzips the code into a folder structure it maintains and open the solution or project file.

Once a project is downloaded, the browser keeps a record of it. This allows you to quickly find projects you used before and makes it easy to delete ones you are no longer interested. It also has links to the original article, making it easier to look for additional information or check for updates.

As the name implies, this tool is only for people using Code Project articles. It doesn't include any support for submitting new articles.

Since all of the source is provided, you can use this as a basis for your won VS Add-On.

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