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Stories of Scrum Adoption in China

In a recent inquiry by InfoQ China editor Jacky Li, five very different cases of Scrum adoption in China were compared - both successful and unsuccessful implementations. Jacky asked each one the same questions, and got very different replies. Despite the small sample size, it's an interesting comparison, pointing out that improvement doesn't ensure success.

The questions asked by InfoQ were:
  1. Why did you use Scrum on your project?
  2. How did you adopt Scrum on the project, and why?
  3. What was the biggest problem during the adoption, and how did you solve it?
  4. What's the benefit that Scrum brought to your project, your company?
  5. Why didn't you adopt Scrum successfully? Would you please describe the process?
The sample size is small, and the companies didn't take the same steps, yet by looking at how they adopt Scrum (whether successful or not) we can learn a lot from them.

Please view the full InfoQ article: Improvement, Success and Failure: Scrum Adoption in China

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