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InfoQ Homepage News BPEL4People Virtual Roundtable Interview

BPEL4People Virtual Roundtable Interview

In this interview, held at the time of the first OASIS BPEL4People technical meeting, InfoQ spoke with several of the authors of the BPEL4People and WS-HumanTask specifications. We asked them about the history of the specifications, how they see them fitting within BPM and whether they will divide the community as much as BPEL has so far.

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Community comments

  • Alternative BPEL4People implementation

    by Modrzyk Nicolas,

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    Intalio is also supporting the efforts put into the BPEL4People specifications.

    The Tempo project follows the BPEL4People architecture to provide all the necessary workflow functions. At this time, Tempo does not rely on any BPEL extensions and uses fully interoperable WSDL and REST interfaces as its core APIs. Over time, we intend to implement the full BPEL4People specification.

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