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InfoQ Homepage News Article: QCon London 2008 Key Takeaways and Lessons Learned

Article: QCon London 2008 Key Takeaways and Lessons Learned

QCon London took place March 12-14th and attendees have blogged summaries and take aways for 62 of the 96 sessions. There were 600 registrations for this second annual QCon in London, 70% of the attendees self-declaring as being team lead, architect and above. 60% were attending from the UK and 40% from mostly around Europe. Over 100 speakers presented at QCon London including Kent Beck, Martin Fowler, and Erich Gamma.

Read QCon London Key Takeaway points and Lessons Learned, below is the table of contents for all sessions mentioned in the article: 

   * Patterns for Introducing Agile Practices
   * Domain-Specific Languages
   * Coding the Architecture: From Developer To Architect
   * The Zen of Agile Management
   * Build Scalable, Maintainable, Distributed Enterprise .NET Solutions with nServiceBus

   * Erich Gamma: How Eclipse Changed my Views on Software Development
   * Martin Fowler and Jim Webber: Does my Bus Look Big in This?
   * Kent Beck: Trends in Agile Development

   * JCP
   * InfoQ

SOA, REST and the Web
   * REST: A Pragmatic Introduction to the Web's Architecture
   * Using REST to aid WS-* - Building a RESTful SOA Registry
   * REST, Reuse, and Serendipity
   * Diary of a Fence Sitting SOA Geek
   * A Couple of Ways to Skin an Internet-Scale Cat

The Cloud as the New Middleware Platform
   * Amazon Services: Building Blocks for True Internet Applications
   * Application Services on the Web:
   * Google GData: reading and writing data on the web
   * Yahoo Pipes: Middleware in the Cloud
   * Panel: Programming the Cloud

Banking: Complex High Volume/Low Latency Architectures
   * Technology in the Investment Banking Space
   * Keeping 99.95% Uptime on 400+ Key Systems at Merrill
   * Real-time Java for Latency Critical Banking Applications
   * From Betting to Gaming to Tradefair
   * LiquidityHub

Programming Languages of Tomorrow
   * The Busy .NET Developer's Guide to F#
   * Haskell: Functional Programming on Steroids
   * Functions + Messages + Concurrency = Erlang
   * The Busy Java Developer's Guide to Scala
   * Open Space session

Evolving Java
   * Concurrency, Past and Present
   * Blending Java with Dynamic Languages
   * Evolving the JVM
   * The Cathedral, the Bazaar and the Commissar: The Evolution of Innovation in Enterprise Java
   * Evolving the Java Language

Solution Track
   * Architectural Implications of RESTful design
   * Introducing Spring Batch
   * Panel: Open Source and Open Standards
   * Panel Discussions: Architecting for Performance and Scalability
   * Clustered Architecture Patterns: Delivering Scalability and Availability
   * Testing by Example with Spring 2.5

Browser & Emerging Rich Client Technologies
   * GWT + Gears: The Browser is the Platform
   * The DOM Scripting Toolkit: jQuery
   * Tackling Code Debt

Agile in Practice
   * Managers in Scrum
   * Agile Mashups
   * TBeyond Agile
   * A Kanban System for Software Engineering

XpDay Sampler
   * Measure for Measure

.NET: Client, Server, Cloud
   * Building Smart Windows Applications
   * Building Rich Internet Applications
   * Windows as a Web Platform

The Rise of Ruby
   * Panel: When is Rails an Appropriate Choice?

Effective Design
   * Intentions & Interfaces - Making Patterns Concrete
   * A Tale of Two Systems
   * User Interfaces: Meeting the Challenge of Simplicity
   * Effective Design

Architectures You've Always Wondered About
   * eBay's Architectural Principles
   * Architecture in the Media Production Workflow
   * Behind the Scenes at
   * Market Risk System @ BNP Paribas

Domain Specific Languages in Practice
   * External Textual DSLs Made Simple

Going forward, QCon will continue to run in the UK around March of every year, and QCon San Francisco (see previous blogger comments) will be running November 17-21st 2008.   We also look forward to bringing QCon into other regions which InfoQ serves, such as China and Japan.

If you attended QCon, what was your key take away?

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