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InfoQ Homepage News SpringSource Enterprise Delivers Enhanced Spring Support and Monitoring Capabilities

SpringSource Enterprise Delivers Enhanced Spring Support and Monitoring Capabilities

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Today SpringSource announced the availability of SpringSource Enterprise, which includes a certified and indemnified version of the popular Spring software stack for enterprise Java development as well as production and development capabilities and support. From the press release SpringSource Enterprise includes:

-- Spring Enterprise Edition - the enterprise version of Spring which is certified, warranted and indemnified. This includes the latest bug fixes as well as enterprise-class monitoring integration.

-- SpringSource Support - support from the source maximizes production uptime, developer productivity and application performance using Spring.

-- SpringSource Performance Suite - applications to ensure that customers develop, test and run Spring applications effectively.

The SpringSource Performance Suite provides the tools that enable customers to benefit from next-generation application development tools, advanced database integration capabilities and comprehensive application monitoring and management capabilities. The suite is comprised of:

  • SpringSource Tool Suite
  • SpringSource Advanced Pack for Oracle
  • SpringSource Application Management Suite

InfoQ sat down with Neelan Choksi, chief operating officer at SpringSource, to discuss the new offering. Choksi explained that SpringSource Enterprise is a natural evolution of SpringSource's commercial offerings surrounding their popular Spring open source projects. He emphasized that SpringSource was not taking anything out of open source and is only complementing the company's current open source projects. Spring branded products will remain open source with SpringSource branded products being the company's commercial offerings.

InfoQ next asked Choksi about the Spring Performance Suite included with SpringSource Enterprise. He explained that the Suite contains a number of elements of interest to Spring developers. The first of these is the SpringSource Application Management Suite which is based on Hyperic. It is designed to work with all of the JEE application servers supported by Spring. The enterprise version of the SpringSource Tool Suite also contains enhancements. The open source version includes Spring IDE, Mylyn, and AJDT. The enterprise version adds further integration, cheat sheets, and integrated support with the SpringSource knowledge network.

Choksi next talked about the Advanced Pack for Oracle RAC. He explained that a large number of Spring developers use Oracle and in turn Oracle RAC. Based on their interactions with these developers SpringSource has found that many are not taking advantage of RAC features such as data types and fail over support. Since the majority of these application use Spring JDBC, SpringSource has been able to transparently enable the use of RAC features without requiring developers to make changes in their code.

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