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InfoQ Homepage News Presentation: Steve Jones on "Driving IT from the Business"

Presentation: Steve Jones on "Driving IT from the Business"

In this presentation, recorded at QCon London, Steve Jones, author of "Enterprise SOA Adoption Strategies", explains his concept of a business service architecture.

In Steve's view, Business wants IT to start delivering value rather than just cutting costs and wants to see more directly where their money goes. This is leading to CIOs being more business focused and an increasing demand for IT professionals who can understand how to re-orientate IT towards business goals and away from technology projects. In this presentation he outlines how SOA, as a business concept rather than a set of technologies, is one of the most powerful tools that enables IT organisations to understand "what" their business does and to help the business drive IT forwards. Topics covered include how to apply SOA to existing systems, the problems one runs into when SOA is driven by technology, and the structural and organizational impact of business-driven SOA.

Steve Jones is currently a CTO at Capgemini responsible for determining how SOA impacts both their, and their clients', outsourcing and application development businesses.  A member of several standards bodies including the OASIS SOA Reference Model group, Java Business Integration and the original JAX-RPC group and is Capgemini's sponsor for their membership of both the Java Community Process and OASIS. He is a regular presenter at conferences on the business and technical challenges of SOA implementations and has acted as an advisor to several vendor product groups.

Watch the full presentation (54 minutes).

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