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InfoQ Homepage News JBoss Operations Network 2.0 launched: An Integrated Management Platform

JBoss Operations Network 2.0 launched: An Integrated Management Platform

Red Hat launched JBoss Operations Network (JON) 2.0, an integrated middleware management platform that aims to simply application development, testing, deployment and monitoring of application life cycle. JON server with its Inventory, Administration, and Content modules help catalog, manage, and maintain applications. Its Monitoring module provides an integrated view of JBoss middleware infrastructure, JBoss middleware applications, operating system, and web tiers. When used together, JON server, agents, and modules provide end-to-end application management solution.

MSN Money quotes Katrinka McCallum vice president of Red Hat's Management Solutions Business Unit:

We developed the JBoss ON platform to improve efficiency for IT Operations staff while reducing the total cost of managing JBoss middleware environments and driving higher value for end-users.

JON server and agents:

  • Make possible the remote deployment of certified content from the JBoss customer support portal;
  • Allow central control and audit of application configurations for standardized deployments;
  • Manage, monitor, and tune applications for performance and availability;
  • Continually capture and share operating and performance metrics and ket statistics each resource.

JON 2.0 expands upon the features of previous versions, and includes new capabilities like:

  • Completely new agent with full command-line interface with remote agent configuration;
  • Extensible APIs for interoperability; and
  • True SSL encryption and authentication for bi-directional server-agent communications.

Jason Dobies describes his favorite new functionality:

Easily my favorite new feature is the DynaGroup ability. Gone are the days of manually (read: painfully) maintaining large groups of resources. There is a definite cool factor to entering a few conditions and magically seeing the group populated to whatever your needs. Didn't get what you wanted? No problem, edit the conditions and regenerate the group. Want all of a resource's children as well? Flip the "recursive" switch. I had a blast poking around with this in QA and seeing all of the possibilities.

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