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InfoQ Homepage News Presentation: Jeff Sutherland Talks about Companies Adopting Agile

Presentation: Jeff Sutherland Talks about Companies Adopting Agile

In this presentation, Jeff Sutherland, the co-creator of Scrum Agile Development Process, talks about small and large companies which are adopting Agile.

Creating a successful Scrum team is only the first step on the road to an Agile company. In most enterprises today, you must create a successful product portfolio delivered by distributed/outsourced teams. Even then, to win in a market segment, an Agile approach to the enterprise product strategy is needed to dramatically improve opportunity for success. How to implement an Enterprise Type C Scrum will be discussed along with challenges and solutions from several companies currently running an enterprise Scrum with emergent product strategies and dynamic, iterative changes in company direction at the senior management level to achieve deep penetration of a market sweet spot.

Watch this presentation filmed at Agile 2007.

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